Play Blackjack Like A Pro

It is a game that’s never far away from the gaming headlines – whether it’s in fact-based movies like the blockbusting, ’21’, or news about the latest online gaming pro making it big with skill-play. However, web blackjack is an awesome choice for all levels of online gamers, so check out what it offers – and play with free credits to test out some simple strategic gaming……

While blackjack may be a pro gamer’s dream – it’s not their exclusive reserve, by any means. In fact, after a quick free-play blackjack session, you’ll be up to speed with the fundamentals. The key thing to remember when playing blackjack, is simply the number ’21’. You need to beat the dealer with a higher hand value; but going over 21 = bust and game over! Naturally, blackjack is the ultimate combo, formed from an Ace and 10 – and leaves you in a sit back and chill situation (as the dealer must also hit blackjack to avoid defeat, and void the round). Most blackjack games have the same simple round format:> Casino fires out 2 player cards, and 2 dealer cards> Study your combo – Hit for cards, Stand to face the dealer> Highest combo wins

To get the most from blackjack, both playability wise and in terms of payout potential – master the double down, split and insurance bets:

Double > Analyse the deal – looks good? Then click double down – doubling your bet level, auto-dealing another card and auto-standing against the casino!

Split > Create 2 fresh hands from your original combo – with 2 chances to smash the dealer.

Insurance > Dealer got the upper hand and threatening a blackjack? Then bet on them completing their combo – and get paid for their success!

Serious blackjack gaming

If you have the desire to power-up your skills, blackjack offers a responsive skill gaming platform – and you can check out card counting strategies to see how to build a built-in edge of up to 1%. Although 1% sounds pretty modest, when you’re playing with 50.00 per round, with multi-hands and playing for hours – the wins can stack up impressively. Any aspiring hardcore gamer can paper trade, play with free bonuses or use minimum stakes while refining their skills.

Blackjack skill kudos for regular gamers?

While not every gamer will have the time or inclination to become a hardcore blackjack gamers – everyone wants to boost their intrinsic fun and indeed their winning potential. Fundamentally, the first step to take – is to get your hands on a basic blackjack strategy card, to guide you towards positive bets and moves. Check out the double down system below – for an example of the easy-play power of strategic blackjack:

Click double:

Step 1: The casino’s face card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card hand = 10 or 11

Step 2: The casino’s face card falls between 3 and 6 and your hand has an Ace and a numbered pick

Hold a single bet:

Step 3: If the face-up casino card is a 10 or a face card